OceanNet provides transport services all over the world. By ship, train, plane, and truck. Our global network of specialised and experienced partners means that OceanNet is able to meet every client’s requirements. All transport for our customers, wherever it is destined, is taken care of professionally and thoroughly.

Our experience in transporting large vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, and motorised industrial machinery, especially via flatracks, is renowned worldwide.
We also specialise in the transport of highly exclusive cars. There is no exclusive car brand in the world that has not already been transported by OceanNet.
There is a good reason why OceanNet has an excellent reputation in the field of specialist transport equipment such as flatracks. However, we also handle breakbulk cargos, conventional, heavy, (heavy) lift and out of cage. Full Container Load movements (FCL) and Less Than Full Container movements (LCL) are our core business.

OceanNet is well familiar with every form of container transport. But the essence is and continues to be: OceanNet helps you achieve all your logistics needs. That is what we are here for. That is our passion!

OceanNet is specialised in transports to and from the Caucasus countries, the countries around the Black Sea, and also has branches there. The main countries are Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Obviously, we operate from all over Europe as well as from America and China:
Georgia (read more)
– Azerbaijan (read more)
Armenia (read more)

Georgia is serious about positioning itself as a key partner in the New Silk Road, the initiative to revitalise the ancient Silk Road. With the completion of the new seaport in Anaklia, Georgia would be an even more attractive link between Asia and Europe. OceanNet has specialist knowledge about the Anaklia Deep Sea Port and its construction. Once the port is fully operational, we will be happy to advise you on transport to and from this new Georgian port on the Black Sea.

OceanNet offers an additional service to its customers:
– Shipper Owned Container (read more)
– The new Silk Road (read more)

Every request for the transport of goods is taken seriously and addressed professionally. We will recommend the most optimal and cost-efficient solution. Whether this solution is standard or tailored to the customer.

Importantly for you, OceanNet’s flexibility is the basis for achieving every customer request. Making every customer’s wish become a reality. That is our ultimate goal. We are a total solution provider.

Saying no is not an option for OceanNet! We are always here for you! We hate bureaucratic hassle. OceanNet stands for short lines of communication. In everything. For example, we can assist our clients locally, in their own language.

No matter what, your transport needs to be taken care of properly. You must be satisfied. Nothing more and nothing less. At OceanNet, that’s what we work on, every minute of every day!

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