OceanNet operates as an independent NVOCC operator worldwide. The European, Asian, and American markets hold no secrets for us. As indicated earlier, OceanNet works with specialised and experienced partners. As a result, we offer a worldwide network and can ensure that every customer requirement is met.

We place great value on our network. OceanNet is continuously optimising its network of agents. We also give our transport network and our partners in it 24/7 attention; where we can expand, we do so. Everything to guarantee and achieve a better network; even better than it already is. OceanNet is constantly active to get even more local contacts operational in key port cities. Our global network must be even better every day and function even better than the day before! That is also Forwarding+. 

Most sailings take place from Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Shanghai, Qingdao, Jacksonville, Houston and Zeebrugge.

In addition, OceanNet has built up a significant interest in the Caucasus (notably Georgia, Azerbaijan & Armenia) over the past 35 years. For this part of the world, this unique market, we are considered the specialist within the logistics world. OceanNet is one of the few forwarders in the world able to provide transport services across the entire Caucasus.

Not surprisingly, in addition to our headquarters in the Rotterdam region, we have several branches, including in America, Asia and the Caucasus (Georgia & Azerbaijan). Transport within and to the latter region is constantly increasing. Our knowledge of and experience in this region enables OceanNet to serve the hinterland, the so-called STAN countries, optimally.

We can therefore rightfully say: OceanNet is a global forwarder with just that little bit extra. Forwarding+ in other words.

Every request for the transport of goods is taken seriously and addressed professionally. We will recommend the most optimal and cost-efficient solution. Whether this solution is standard or tailored to the customer.

Importantly for you, OceanNet’s flexibility is the basis for achieving every customer request. Making every customer’s wish become a reality. That is our ultimate goal. We are a total solution provider.

Saying no is not an option for OceanNet! We are always here for you! We hate bureaucratic hassle. OceanNet stands for short lines of communication. In everything. For example, we can assist our clients locally, in their own language.

No matter what, your transport needs to be taken care of properly. You must be satisfied. Nothing more and nothing less. At OceanNet, that’s what we work on, every minute of every day!

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