OceanNet. Independent specialist in forwarding all your goods to any destination of your choice!

Thinking about transport? Transporting goods or products? Do you want short lines and fast switching? Are you looking for optimum quality? A reliable partner?

There is only one party that delivers what it says and does what it promises. One party you can confidently leave everything to. The party that takes 100% care of everything and never disappoints: OceanNet: From Here to Everywhere!

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Just that bit better. Just that bit more personal. Just that bit friendlier. Just that bit more service. Just that bit more result. That is what we stand for. It is simply in our DNA. That is OceanNet!

OceanNet provides fast, efficient, and thorough transport of all your goods worldwide. There is a good reason why we call it forwarding+

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Every request for the transport of goods is taken seriously and addressed professionally. We will recommend the most optimal and cost-efficient solution. Whether this solution is standard or tailored to the customer.

Importantly for you, OceanNet’s flexibility is the basis for achieving every customer request. Making every customer’s wish become a reality. That is our ultimate goal. We are a total solution provider.

Saying no is not an option for OceanNet! We are always here for you! We hate bureaucratic hassle. OceanNet stands for short lines of communication. In everything. For example, we can assist our clients locally, in their own language.

No matter what, your transport needs to be taken care of properly. You must be satisfied. Nothing more and nothing less. At OceanNet, that’s what we work on, every minute of every day!

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About us

For over 35 years, OceanNet has been a leading name in the forwarding sector. In 1988 OceanNet was founded by the Dutch Van den Hil family. OceanNet was one of the first private forwarders in the Netherlands to open up the Caucasus.

Today, in 2023, it is still run by the second generation of the family and the company is still headed by a Van den Hil, the son of the founder.

For over a quarter of a century, OceanNet has been renowned for its exceptional services. A family business with a no-nonsense, Rotterdam attitude.
At OceanNet, everyone is a customer and not a number!

The OceanNet headquarters are based in Papendrecht, a village with an urban character, just a stone’s throw from Rotterdam.
In addition to its headquarters, OceanNet has multiple branches in the Caucasus, including Georgia (Tbilisi, Batumi, and Poti) and Azerbaijan (Baku). OceanNet also operates from China and America. Obviously, as far as transport is concerned, our focus is on the whole of Europe.

OceanNet is a 100% independent NVOCC operator. Transporting containers worldwide is therefore no problem at all.
Transporting goods from A to B is the basis for every forwarder. It may seem self-evident, but OceanNet goes much further. This is because we believe that everything should start with optimal service. We maintain a consistently high level so that customers do not have to worry about anything.

In addition to having a global network and experienced partners, OceanNet employs professionals with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise. This is how we as OceanNet live up to what we stand for: forwarding+!

The success of OceanNet is due to the people who work with us. They know what is expected: looking after your best interests with unbridled dedication and an enormous drive. Piece by piece, our employees are skilled workers who realise that only when you are satisfied, they can be too. People with a passion for you, the customer, a passion for the profession and love for our company.

OceanNet distinguishes itself in many more areas, however. Short lines of communication, fast response, an understanding of your requirements as a customer and specialist knowledge of the sectors in which our customers operate. We have an entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of a family business. We are proud of this and in our opinion, it guarantees that with us, a customer is always a customer and never a number.

OceanNet is the definitive worldwide specialist in flatracks and by far the most important player in the Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan & Armenia) in terms of forwarding activities. We are the bridge for many companies, bringing peace of mind to our customers and arranging everything for them from A to Z. OceanNet is an expert in transport affiliated with the automotive sector: whether it’s a Scania truck or a Lamborghini Diablo: OceanNet gets the job done!

We are proud to have achieved this in 35 years. It is not for nothing that we are the  number one in the Caucasus when it comes to transport and everything that involves. We want to maintain this position and roll out our forwarding+ vision to the rest of the world.

OceanNet is involved in the construction of the future new seaport, to be realised in Anaklia. This project is unfortunately still awaiting a capital injection so that the port can be completed. It is expected that with the final opening of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port, the ancient and widely known Silk Road will be restored to its former glory. The Anaklia Deep Sea Port is expected to become the centre of container transhipment between China and Europe and the hub of the New Silk Road.

Container ships of 10,000 teu will soon be able to dock here.

OceanNet: from here to everywhere!

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OceanNet stands for personal interaction and a deal being a deal. We pursue a close, transparent, and open partnership with our customers, our international partners, relationships and all of our agents.

We strive to know all the ins and outs of our clients’ businesses. That way, we know what we are talking about, we know what is important to you and we can optimally anticipate the wishes and pitfalls that customers face or may face in their sector in the field of logistics & transport.

The years of experience, knowledge, and expertise that we have in-house, ensure that in terms of the transport of any type of cargo, you and we will never face any surprises.

Your cargo is in good hands with us, 100% guaranteed. OceanNet ensures that you have nothing to worry about. We deliver on our promises. So sit back and relax!

OceanNet guarantees professional worldwide delivery to meet your requirements, entirely in compliance with the order. Our ultimate goal is to bring complete peace of mind to (prospective) customers, and for customers to experience OceanNet as the best possible service provider within the forwarding sector.

Call it our mission!

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For over 35 years, OceanNet has been a leading name in the forwarding business. From a niche player with a focus on the Caucasus countries, OceanNet has evolved into a worldwide operating and independent forwarder. From our inception, we have been based in Papendrecht. Today, OceanNet is still has its headquarters in this municipality, just a stone’s throw from Rotterdam.

In 1988, the company was founded by Erik van den Hil. OceanNet was one of the first private forwarders in the Netherlands to open up the Caucasus.
As mentioned, although OceanNet operates worldwide and imports from America and China (to the Netherlands, Belgium, and France) have increased significantly, the Caucasus countries still form an indispensable area of expertise within OceanNet. There is a good reason why people around the world know: when it comes to transport and logistics to and from the Caucasus, such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, OceanNet is your go-to.

In 2011, the sons of Van den Hil senior, Artur and Barry, took up the baton regarding the daily operations at OceanNet. Under the inspirational leadership of both brothers, OceanNet has experienced tremendous growth. In terms of customers, personnel, turnover, diversity in the transportation of goods and transport locations (network).

Basically, OceanNet shot forward  like a rocket. It was hard work and there was nothing but enthusiasm, energy, and positivity.
In all those years, basically everything went our way, and nothing ever went against us. In 2015, something totally unexpected happened. The organisation was suddenly rocked by the tragic and completely unexpected death of Artur. Artur was too young (38 years old) to be snatched from life. It was and always will be a black page in the history of OceanNet.

Barry and all the people at OceanNet did not sit back, however. Collectively, they put their shoulders to the wheel to make Artur’s dream, and that of Barry and father Erik, come true. A dream that everyone at OceanNet still shares, every day. This dream is not complicated; forwarding plus can only be achieved by one party: OceanNet!

Every day, the team of professionals demonstrates that OceanNet is a unique, customer-oriented, and professional family business. Erik van den Hil has completely reduced his duties and has officially retired since 2013. Barry is very successful in the day-to-day management of OceanNet.
In 2016 he became the 100% owner of OceanNet. Not much later, Stefan Jonkman, who has worked at OceanNet from an early age, joined the Board of Directors.

What counts primarily is the team. Everyone has their own role, and together they have turned OceanNet into a key international player.
OceanNet looks back on the past with respect, has both feet firmly planted in the present and is ready for the future!